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"I feel confident that Admire Engineering has all the potential to become leading Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Commissioning (EPCC) company in this region. At Admire Engineering, we have maintained a leading position in a competitive regional market. This has been made possible by our entrepreneurial spirit, living up to commitments and relentless support of our stakeholders and our understanding of global business trends. Our emergence as a leading engineering company is aligned with the vision of progressing up the value chain to add value for our customers. This evolution shall remain under focus during the coming years. For us, what matters most is exceeding expectations of our customers, which we have to balance against our growth pattern. At the heart of all operations remain our team members who have the spirit to push boundaries and foster a culture of accepting challenges.Every organization needs to understand and prepare itself to meet changing market dynamics and we are going through the same phase. Current global challenges, has helped us to better equip ourselves and helped us to be better prepared. In doing so, we seek opportunities, hidden behind all these difficult times. Our growth is based on our response and promptness, this is where we have worked the most. We are honored to have multi nationalities, spanning from east to west bringing a multitude of traditions, talents and expertise. In our efforts to become a true multinational, we strive to add more to the diversity in the work place. I pay tribute to our teams at every level for helping us to achieve our vision and goals."
Ismail Mire Carten ,CEO

About Admire Engineering.

Who we really are

Admire Engineering Limited is an integrated engineering services and manufacturing company operating in Bosaso- Punt land – Somalia and United Arab Emirates. With an experience of over two decades now, in the field of engineering technology, we are now marching to join the economic growth journey of Africa. With a multinational team of experienced Engineers, galaxy of skillful workers, we are offering complete Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Commissioning services (EPPC) committed deliveries to our valuable clients. We understand that our clients have great trust over, our capabilities, skills and professionalism. This makes us more responsible and this makes us motivated to offer them products and services beyond their expectations. We are using most recent Engineering software to ensure our designs comply with all regulations and requirements of global standards. We are operating a full fledge, state of art work shop, with most recent machines and equipment. Working with us will always give you a comfort and confidence, that your money, got its true Value. We are delivering client-specific solutions for projects related to Oil and Gas, Energy, Infrastructure and Process industry.


A glimpse of some of our products

Flatbed Semi Trailer have been a boon among industries that need a constant supply substances that need extreme heat. These tanks come in various sizes and with both indirect and direct heating systems, depending on the industry it is being used in. With the level of heat involved in processes requiring the use of Flatbed Semi Trailer, finding the right Flatbed Semi Trailer manufacturer becomes vital to ensure smooth working without the possibility of a manufacturing defect in the tanks that could pose as a threat, both monetary and in terms of the lives of workers. From the manufacturing of the Flatbed Semi Trailer and ensuring proper fittings of pipelines, pumps, gears, burners, etc. to a thorough check for any leakage or other flaw, the manufacturing process is overseen thoroughly by experts to ensure that it is fit to be used without causing harm. These tanks are also easy to maintain with the way they are designed to make it easier for industries to put it to use. The tanks are also insulated well and have numerous other features that make it easy for companies to use it for their requirements.

Admire Engineering is one of the main manufacturers of trailers ,semitrailers, and storage tanks in the UAE . Below are some of our truck mounted trackers

Being one of the established low bed trailer manufacturers in UAE, we ensure that we provide our clients with personalized and high quality service they deserve. From manufacturing to equipment delivery, we make sure that we get the best people on-board to handle our accounts and client requirements.

We specialise in the design, fabrication, and installation of large-scale specialised storage solution such as tanks and containers used in oil storage terminals.Storage tanks are constructed by using materials that are low costing yet strong enough to contain chemicals and other substances that can cause erosion. The designs used to build the storage tanks also have certain regulations attached to it that vary according to its use or on the fluid that it will be used to contain. The storage tanks can be underground tanks as well as above ground storage tanks with both having separate regulations based on their usage.


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